The beautiful eco-campsite on Isleham fen
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The campsite.
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The Yurt .
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Yurts have been used by the nomadic folk of Mongolia from at least the 13th century, but the circular structure has probably been used from much earlier.  As well as both being traditional , they are the  perfect place to stay for an ecologically friendly holiday, it allows you to be right in the heart of nature, but also gives some of the comforts you can’t find in a small tent- allowing for a longer and more comfortable stay on the farm, so you can fully enjoy the beautiful surrounding's and local historic venues. We assemble our Yurts with materials on the Farm, including a hand made king size bed made with our own wood, and a memory foam mattrass.

Stay in our Yurt

You can book to stay in one or both Yurts, from May to the end of September, (we provide a separate kitchen to cook in, and basic utensils,) a King size bed and double Futon.  So all you will need to bring is bedding or sleeping bags, or we can supply all fresh clean bedding for just £5. The cost in a Yurt for 2018 will be £30 per night plus £10 per adult, or £8 if you have been before, there is also room for two children, half adult cost. Two night minimum stay at the weekend. Unfortunately we don’t allow pets or smoking in the Yurts.                   

 I n 2018 we hope to have 2 new yurt type structures one 23 foot diameter which will accommodate 6 or 8 adults and the other small version for just 2 adults. We will call these new round structures Recyledesic Domes as you will be able to see the stars, as you look up from inside them.  Email to see if the weekend you would like to stay in a Yurt is available. Midweek stays are almost always available.


Cecil’s Field shown below is the ideal 1 acre field for scout groups or private parties slightly away from main campsite.                          

Our yurt  overlooking the pond