The beautiful eco-campsite on Isleham fen
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About the Campsite

Situated in the idyllic east Anglican fen, the campsite is the perfect retreat for couples, families and groups.  A BIRD WATCHING HIDE, and lots of pre-cut firewood for you to make CAMPFIRES..on our fire stands so not to burn the grass.

The History

Karma farm has been farming ecologically from 1983. In 2008 we started the small campsite in one of our peaceful fields near the river. We are a NO Recorded music campsite. So no radios or loud music of any sort, but live music welcome. Bring your own Guitar.

Karma farm campsite has had good reviews, and more people return each year, thank you. We try to remain harmonious and peaceful as ever. We are a family friendly site.  We also have lots of secluded quiet spaces for those wanting to get back to nature. We encourage camp-fires with our own surplus wood from the farm. Karma Farm is an original “eco-recycled campsite” made as we would like to camp. We are a working farm, established in 1983 growing organic produce, and we still have Cattle. Our love of a healthy soil,and all that it gives to nature and wildlife is key to what we do. Recycle, restore, reuse, renew, return.   Following the Pandemic and our regular campers advice, we are developing the site to make it safe as possible. A one way, all locked Toilet facilities, and washbasins. Showers available for Yurt campers, and free open air spaces for your own solar shower bags if you wish to bring them, we also have some available if needed.  We aim to be one of the best Eco-campsite in England, and now maybe most spacious.

Visit our Campsite


Welcome to a real Eco-Campsite, one of the original natural campsites


Thank you to all who have visited Karma Farm.  We try to always improve our Eco-Campsite. extra toilet facilities, and free phone charge points. Some years ago we were nominated for  “Best Friendly Site Welcome” by the C and C Club, Now we are an independent listed site.               The Guardian newspaper wrote we have one of the best campsites in the UK. Thank you, We have tried to keep the things real campers like. Campfires , firewood, free use of BBQ’s  and firestands  so the grass isn’t burnt.


Since 2008, Karma Farm has provided an idyllic and peaceful location for  tent and camper van camping. in the very rural Isleham  fen area. Not suitable for Caravans. (unless eco-friendly)

 Open throughout the summer, The campsite is very rural, and next to working livestock farms.