The beautiful eco-campsite on Isleham fen
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Eco-green policy

 We have tried to farm and live as ecologically as we can, we hope you might try and camp here with respect to our environment, and all creatures we share life on earth with, even spiders, and nettles.

  Try to keep your children and pets in view at all times and away from farm animals, the pond, farm  machinery, and  wildlife. Do not climb on or over fences or structures.  Karma Farm Campsite and Isleham Fen Ltd  accept no liability for  any accident or misfortune which might occur while you are here, or as a result of your visit.

   Burn only wood on the campfires. Wood from us is pollarded willow or poplar. A sustainable source of farm timber.

  Recycle all you can. Metal and Aluminium  cans into that recycling bin, likewise glass in the glass bin. Paper, plastics, also into their bins, or take it back home with you.  

  When it starts to get dark keep noise levels to as low as you can, you might hear owls and  other wildlife, and also not disturb others who wish to sleep.We have a NO NOISE policy after 11pm, which you must agree to, and sign the registration form when you arrive to confirm you agree with, or you can not stay here.  These few simple things help everyone enjoy a unique experience.